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Reading Progress
for WordPress

This is useful plugin that creates a progress bar on your page showing how much you’ve scrolled through the site. The reading time progress bar is filled with color or a nice gradient.
Scroll the page and keep an eye on the top of the webpage!

Key Features

Our plugin has numerous simple to advanced features.
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Fully Customizable

Customizable position (to the top or bottom of the page), height, filled with the color or beautiful gradient.

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Easy to use: Install & Go

Just install and go. No CSS or images files are needed for the plugin to work. No dependencies like jQuery. Fast Vanilla JavaScript.

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Support for Mobile Devices

Reading Progress for WordPress works great with all types of devices: smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers.

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Cross-Browser Compatible

All major browsers are supported: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, etc. Does not matter which browser users view your site.

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Disable on Specific Pages

Plugin for WordPress that shows the page scroll progress bar only on certain pages. Assign it to just about anything you want.

What do you Receive with Reading Progress Plugin?

It’s very useful to show the reading time progress on-page or a blog post. Generally, such indicators are used on long articles and help readers understand how far they are from finishing the article.

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The Attractiveness of the Site

This plugin is useful for blogs, magazines or websites that want to show the reading progress on page or a blog post. The Reading Progress plugin helps readers track their reading progress in a clean and simple way.

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Increase Conversion Rate

Reading Progress Plugin is a useful tool for bloggers. The reading progress creates trust and helps increase the conversion rate and make their readers stick to their website.


Enable or Disable Reading Progress Bar for Certain Pages

The plugin settings can enable or disable the reading progress bar based on the conditions you specify for certain pages.

100% Responsive, Works on All Devices

Reading Progress is an eye-pleasing, 100% responsive, reading progress bar for WordPress. It’s a fully responsive plugin that works great on all devices and screen resolutions, from desktop computers to smartphones.

Easy Customize Style and Color

You can easily customize its position (to the top or bottom of the page), height, filled with the color or beautiful gradient. Use the plugin in different styles. You can easily customize your website to give it a unique appearance with minimum effort.

More Amazing Features

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